Building community education leaders: Right To Education of Dalits and Adivasi children

Centre for Alternative Dalit Media in association with the New Education Group Fire, popularly known as NEG-FIRE is implementing a project aiming to develop 24 Community Education Leaders, over 2 and a half years in the 20 villages of Teonthar, Jawa and Sirmaur block of Rewa District (Madhya Pradesh). These Community Education Leaders work towards improving the delivery of elementary education. The project is also developing 100 (5 X 20 Villages) Shiksha Sathi or Education Activists for activating the village system for the education of the village.

To ensure that schools function effectively, NACDOR is supporting the creation of NACDOR Gaon Shiksha Samiti (NACDOR Village Education Committee) in every village. Members of these committees include Village Education Leader, Shiksha Sathi (Education Companion) and other important people who are willing to work to improve the education of their villages. Comprised of 10 to 15 members, these committees regularly meet and discuss the educational affairs of their villages. These Committees also persuade teachers and other educational authorities for the proper functioning of the village school.