About Us

The mission of Centre for Alternative Dalit Media is “to build a strong social movement of Dalits and other disadvantaged sections of India, which can re-structure the existing social-economic-political-cultural structures in line with the aspirations and dreams of Dalits and disadvantaged communities.”

In the post-Durban Dalit discourse, CADAM initiated the process of creating a national platform of Dalit organisations, NGOs, movement groups, associations and employees federations etc and organised first ever National Conference of Dalit Organisations in 2001, and succeeded in founding the National Confederation of Dalit-Adivasi Organisations (NACDAOR) In 2004, CADAM along with NACDAOR co-founded World Dignity Forum.

CADAM’s work and initiatives have been recognised by none other than the United Nations. In the International Year of Volunteer, UN Volunteers made a film on CADAM’s then President.

Year 2008-09 was a remarkable year of achievement for Centre for Alternative Dalit Media. CADAM’s founder President and the Chairman of NACDOR was invited by the Secretary General of United Nations to address the High Level Event on MDGs in UN General Assembly.

Club de Madrid, an organisation of formerly Heads of States, headed by former President of United States of America Mr. Bill Clinton, invited CADAM’s founder president to attend the First World Conference of Leaders for Inclusive Societies and had the opportunity to meet several formerly heads of states, including the formerly President of USA Mr. Bill Clinton, President of Nigeria and Prime Ministers of Canada.