Unleashing Potentials of the Socially Marginalised

About Us

Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) has its root in the youth organization Mukti (Liberation). Founded in 1982 as a youth organisation aiming for social, economic and political equity, activities of Mukti were primarily confined to Delhi. Though Mukti’s primary leadership came from the Dalit communities, it was a progressive youth organisation having non-Dalit youth as active members and committed to work on issues of social justice, equity and human rights.

It was realized that building alternative Dalit media was an arduous task, and this issue had to be addressed in its full dimensionality rather than confining itself to publishing a monthly newspaper. CADAM was registered in May 1995 as a society under the Society Registration Act, 1860, in New Delhi with a vision to institutionalize the work among the disadvantaged sections, particularly the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, socially and economically Backward Classes, Minorities and other socially excluded sections of Indian society.



190 Entrepreneurs has been uplifted and inspired by CADAM from 2014 to present

Adult Literate

We have Literate more than 5K Adults from 2014 to present

School Beneficiaries

We are providing computer education to the around 46K children of govt. schools across the nation on daily basis.

Pillars of Changes

Computer Aided Learning and Digital Literacy Model for school children and Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) : 2014-15

CADAM in partnership with The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Pratham InfoTech Foundation has initiated this project of digital literacy called BriDgeIT. It was started in 10 villages of Chirgaon block of Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh

Sashakt (Strengthening Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health)

CADAM in partnership Pathfinder International has implemented SASHAKT project to strengthen sexual and reproductive health of marginalised YOUTH in Sonbarsa (District Saharasa), Krityanandnagar (District Purnea) and Korha (District Katihar) in Bihar.

Developing Education Leaders in REWA, Madhya Pradesh

CADAM's initiative to create awareness amoung the Dalit & Tribal community in Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) for the realization of educational rights and to mobilize them for the activeparticipation in thr village education system through Edu-leadership programme is going strong in its second year.

Computer Aided Learning

Samavehsi Sanchar Initiative for Inclusive Computer Aided Education (CAL), Communication (CBFL) and Entrepreneurship (ICAECE)

An Initiative for Inclusive Computer Aided Education, Communication and Entrepreneurship (ICAECE), in partnership with TCL has been working in 14 Government schools and 10 villages of Loni block in Ghaziabad (U.P.) to promote employability, entrepreneurship and education and community development.


“While most of my friends are still searching for a job, I am a free businessman.” About 500 metres from Sewai junior school where Girjashankar takes Computer Aided Learning classes, Girjashankar has opened a computer institute called GNET. It has been a year now. He earns about Rs 12,000 per month from this institute.


Digital Entrepreneur

“Adult Literacy Program has made my business more profitable.” Phoola Ahirwar, aged 38 , has never been to a school. She had no idea about computers. She had only heard of them very recently. When entrepreneur Meera Ahirwar started the Adult Literacy Program in the village, Phoola joined it enthusiastically.

Phoola Ahirwar
Phoola Ahirwar

Adult Learner

“Now I feel I am at par with students studying in urban areas.” Vikas, aged 14, studies in Gora Machhiya junior high school in Class VIII. It is through BridgeIT’s Computer Aided Learning program that he first learnt the usages of a computer. Vikas has learnt how to use a mouse, and learnt all Microsoft applications.

Vikas Kushwaha
Vikas Kushwaha

Computer Aided Learner

"I am facing difficulties in choosing between bread and knowledge". Babita Devi, aged 34, has never been to school and never knew what a computer is. After Adult Literacy program, Babita Devi now knows alphabets, how to write name, name of village, agriculture related knowledge, etc. The only problem that she faces is time, She does not find enough time from her work in fields and therefore often ends up missing classes.

Rachna Devi
Babita Devi

Adult Learner